● Prototyping:​ Once you've applied for a patent, it may be smart to have a physical prototype produced.  This can be a good "proof of concept" or a way to further refine your invention.  It's also a great tool to use when wooing and attracting investors and licensees. AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can prepare the appropriate documentation to engage prototypers.  We can also work directly with the engineers to ensure the prototype produced is in alignment with your patent application, represents your intellectual property in a legally-favorable way and that you own everything the prototyper creates.

● 3-D Modeling and Renderings:  Many of our VIP clients connect with some of the leading producers of 3-D work for videos, CAD, prototypes, web sites and more.  As you bring your invention to life on screen or in virtual reality, AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help you understand how to protect this work too. 

● Trade Shows:  Some of the biggest licensing deals and manufacturing contracts aren't signed in tanks full of sharks, they're made at trade shows.  AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help prepare manufacturing and licensing agreements as well as agency contracts to use when you meet with key players on the trade show floor  Working with an experienced attorney can ensure you reap benefits including the best advance, royalties, payments and terms.

​● Sole Proprietorship - You're flying solo.  You own and operate your business all by yourself.  You're in control and you're responsible for all the finances - what you earn, what you invest, how you're taxed and all liabilities.  Some of the largest businesses on earth started as sole proprietorships.  As business booms and grows, smart sole proprietors call an attorney to discuss forming an alternate type of business entity.

​● Limited Liability Company​ - An "LLC" is a business structure that can provide you with some important tax benefits with some of the liability protections of a corporation.  This structure is also easier for many businesses to handle in the beginning. 

​● Corporation -  A corporation is a complex entity structure and may be the right choice depending on the facts and goals.  Corporations may be able to offer stock.  Corporations have more complex organizational rules and regulations than LLCs.
​● Nonprofit Organization -  If your main mission is making the world a better place, serving others and helping those in need, you may be operating as a nonprofit organization.  These include a 501(c)3 structure which refers to the Internal Revenue Code section which describes the terms for their taxation.






Employment and Contractor Agreements:  Bringing in reinforcements?  As your business grows you're going to need to start hiring people to help you.  You can't do everything on your own - and that requires agreements to protect your business.  With AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - on your side, you're never alone.

● Work For Hire and Contractor Agreements - Hiring independent contractors to support your business is a great way to get extra hands on deck without the added costs of hiring full-time and part-time employees.  AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help you draft agreements to engage contractors with clear lines and boundaries that protect your interests and ensure adherence to applicable law.

● Employment Agreements - If you've already got staff on-hand or you're ready to hire your first employees, employment agreements are critical.  These documents establish the appropriate relationship between your business and those who work for you.  They also establish certain rules, policies and practices that your employees need to know as soon as they start working.​

 Intern Agreements - Using interns can be a cost-effective means to provide short-term support for your business while offering an amazing opportunity for a recent grad.  There are very clear laws around what constitutes paid and unpaid internships.  A well-written intern agreement sets the tone from day one.

Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements - It's important to keep your trade secrets, non-public information and other confidential information secure.  Set up your team and your venture for success by establishing the appropriate agreements up front.
● Intellectual Property Assignments - Your team may be creating some amazing IP.  Keep your intellectual property secure with clear guidelines and practices around how your business can safeguard the creative works of your contractors or employees.
● License Agreements - Sometimes your team members bring valuable tools and IP to the table that your business can put to good use.  There may  also be underlying software, processing engines and equipment that help you deliver your business or develop your products.  AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help you negotiate a license agreement that keeps your business moving and infuses valuable, useful intellectual property into your operation.​

● Articles of Organization or Incorporation - Your articles are very important documents that are filed with the state.  They announce your arrival and establish some legal basics and roles.    

It's been said that it "takes money to make money."  Of course, it's also been said that "money doesn't grow on trees." Fortunately, AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help prepare you to grow your business using investors and funding strategies to bring in capital investment when you need it most.


The "Build It" phase isn't just about building your business structure.  It's about building actual products too!  It's also about getting those products into the market.

IMPORTANT: It's critical to have an attorney form your business entity and draft your documents with your business's objectives and strategies in mind. It's never the best advice to use "boiler plate" documents where you just fill in the blanks or use a non-lawyer professional such as an accountant to draft legal documents. This isn't a game show, this is big business!  Call AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - today and do it right the first time.  You'll be glad you did.


Once we've got it built, let's live it up!  ​Proceed to Live it!

Business Entity Formation


Why form a business entity? It's important to consider forming certain types of business entities to draw a line between your personal assets and liabilities and to position yourself favorably to investors, manufacturers and potential licensees.  

Types of Business Entities:  AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help you choose which is right for you.

Build It

PHASE TWO:  Get your intellectual property in front of the right people.  Surround yourself with everything you need: prototypers, investors, employees and of course, customers!  You're ready to "Build It." AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help you form a business entity, draft employment contracts and work for hire agreements, establish a legal strategy to attract capital, retain investors and submit your work to potential customers, licensees and retailers.

We're Go For Launch.  Are You?


​​● Crowdfunding:  Certain ventures can benefit from a crowdfunding campaign, especially when there's a compelling story to be told or when you've invented a consumer-focused product that's ready to launch.  AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - helps you understand how much information you should release, how you can protect your intellectual property during and after your crowdfunding campaign and what you need to consider relating to promising perks and rewards for your funders.


Product Launch and Development
 ● Prototype Development and 3D Modeling
 ● Trade Shows
 ● Meet with Potential Licensees or Manufacturers

● Direct Equity and Investment:​ Whether you want to offer ownership interest in your LLC or you want to issue stock for your corporation, AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help protect your interests while maintaining an attractive offer for a potential investor.

● Angel Funds and Venture Capitalists:  Don't go to a venture funding pitch meeting before you contact AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm.   Whether you're in your seed round or you're getting ready for Series C, we can help you understand how to protect your intellectual property while still offering a strong value proposition for an interested party.  If you're headed to network television to meet with some famous VCs in a tank full of sharks, as a number of our clients have, it's crucial that you have proper legal counsel so you're not caught like a fish out of water.

Click here to learn more about Go For Launch Venture Management, a provider of non-legal services supporting the ventures of VIP Clients.  Go For Launch Venture Management is a one-stop resource to help perfect your venture, produce prototypes or pitches, coordinate trade shows and help you get your product into the market. 

A number of our VIP Team Members sit on the board of Go For Launch Venture Management.  You can be confident about the knowledge and experience that Go For Launch Venture Management brings to bear.  For more information about non-legal services provided by independent contractors like Go For Launch Venture Manaement, review this notice.

● Operating Agreement -  A specifically well drafted operating agreement can be your vital playbook for how you're going to run your business.  It outlines the basic ways your business entity will operate and who will play what role.  Think of your articles as a sort of "prenuptial" agreement for your business.  They describe who's bringing what  to the business relationship, what happens during the relationship and what happens when you're ready to sell-off your business in the merger of the century... someday. 

● EIN Number - Your employer identification number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number and is used to identify a business entity for a variety of purposes.  It's sort of like the "social security number" of your business.  

● Tax Filing Information - We'll give you the latest information about what you need to discuss with your accountant.  This can include information about S-Elections and other tax-related documents.

Business Entity Formation
 ● Form a Limited Liability Company or Corporation
 ● Draft important business documents
 ● Add partners or funders and seek investors

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