You can read more about patents from the USPTO's web site, but you don't have to go it alone.  Let AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - help you navigate this complex process to protect your invention! Click here to schedule a patent consultation with registered patent attorney Antonio Tapia.

You can read more about copyright from the U.S. Copyright Office's web site. But you probably don't even have time to get to a local library, nonetheless to apply with the Library of Congress for a copyright.   Schedule a copyright consultation with AGT Law, P.A.

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A copyright is a bundle of exclusive rights granted to the author of a creative work such as book, movie, song, painting, photograph, design, computer software, or architecture. These rights include the right to make copies, authorize others to make copies, make derivative works, sell and market the work, and perform the work.

Who needs a copyright?  Authors, filmmakers, musicians, artists, songwriters, photographers, composers, software designers, and architects can all pursue copyrights for their original creations.

What are the benefits of a copyright?  A copyright protects its holder from the unauthorized use of the holder’s original works. These rights can also be sold or licensed separately as a new stream of revenue through transfers of copyright ownership.

You can read more about trademarks and service marks from the USPTO's web site. Don't apply on your own; let us help.  Click here to schedule a trademark consultation with The VIP Law Firm today.

A trademark is a protection granted for a word, phrase, logo, graphic symbol, or other device that is used to identify or promote the source of a product that distinguishes it from competitors. A service mark is similar, but promotes a service instead of a specific product. 

Who needs a trademark?
  If your product's name, slogan or brand is important to your business, then YOU do!  A business, entity, group, non-profit, or web site that wants to protect its unique name or logo should apply for a trademark or service mark. 

What are the benefits of a trademark? 
A trademark grants exclusive use of a unique name or symbol.  It helps ensure that no one else can utilize a company's name or symbol and helps protect the identity of a business or group.  Holders of a trademark can also grow new streams of revenue by franchising and licensing their mark.  The franchisee undertakes an agreement to conduct a business or sell a product or service for a franchise fee. The franchised business is conducted in a way prescribed by the franchisor who holds the trademark.



There are three types of nonprovisional patents: 
● Utility Patents - Useful, new inventions that aren't obvious to those in the field; a brand new kind of product or creation that hadn't been created before.
● Design Patents - New and original designs that ornament a manufactured product; something that improves upon or enhances an existing item.
● Plant Patents - New, asexually or sexually reproducible plants including original cross-breeds of current plants.
Who needs a patent?  If you're an inventor, you do!  Inventors and innovators of all kinds can apply for a patent.  Patents are issued to innovative people in a variety of areas from technical and mechanical disciplines to the agricultural and medical fields.

What are the benefits of a patent? A patent allows its creator to maintain the exclusive right to produce, license and sell an invention for a designated period of time. A patent is a valuable asset that can even grow in value over time. A patent can also be sold or licensed to another entity.

​A provisional patent application allows you to file without a formal patent claim.  You can then use the term "patent pending" to put others on notice while you refine you invention, shop it with manufacturers or gather investors and funding.  You can learn more about that in the "Build It" phase.

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What is a copyright?  Read a good book lately?  Seen the latest release at the movie theater?  Then you've probably also seen the © symbol, an indicator that the work of art you're witnessing is protected by a copyright.

Have we already protected your IP?  

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What is a trademark?  You probably recognize the ®, TM and SM symbols.  They indicate a registered trademark or service mark or a claim to a trademark or service mark.  The most reputable brands already feature these important indicators and your brand probably should too.  AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - is here to help you apply for your very own ®.



What is a patent? A patent is a grant by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that allows the patent owner to maintain a monopoly for a limited period of time on the use and development of a new innovation.

Dream It

PHASE ONE: Protect your intellectual property.  You dreamed up the perfect idea. You've come up with "the next big thing."  You spend every waking moment thinking about an exciting new concept. Awesome! You're in the "Dream It" phase. Before you hop into a tank full of sharks, now is the time to protect your intellectual property. This may include applying for a patent, trademark or copyright. AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - has got you covered.  Let us help you bring your dream to life!

Intellectual Property Acquisition and Counseling
  ● Apply for a provisional or nonprovisional patent
  ● Apply to register a trademark logo, slogan or brand name
  ● File a copyright for artistic works