Franchising enables you to issue a limited license for others to use your intellectual property exactly how you want them to.  From sandwich shops and burger joints to hotels and real estate offices, some of the world's most renowned brands are franchises. 

When is YOUR next location opening?  AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help make it happen.  

Infringement Litigation:  It's been said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.  That's probably not a quote from an intellectual property attorney.  In IP law, some types of imitation are actually infringement - and that's not flattering at all... it's illegal.  Our team can help you ensure that knockoffs and imitations don't tarnish your brand, cramp your style or diminish your revenues.  If you've found a potential infringer, call us today.

Connect with Retailers and Wholesalers:  Your product is doing you no good sitting on the shelves of your warehouse (or in your garage!)  It's time to get your product moving.  AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help prepare you to approach retailers and wholesalers to carry your product and get it sold!  We'll review documentation, contracts and agreements.  We smile every time we see one of our clients' products on the shelf at the store.  When will we see yours there?

Expand Distribution: If you're making your products on your own, AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help develop important documents to protect your intellectual property as you connect with distributors and ensure clear terms are established to get your inventory moving.  Maybe you're ready for your moment in the spotlight on prime-time.  Before you head to a shopping from home TV network, make sure you have all of the necessary protections in place.  Let us review any distribution contracts, license agreements or promisory purchase orders.

Quality Controls:  Now that you've got a great product, it's important to ensure that it's always produced to your specifications.  AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can review and draft contracts relating to production to clarify exactly what is expected from your manufacturer so you can hold them accountable to the high standards your customers should expect.

Employing Intellectual Property on Packaging:  Your trademark lets the world know exactly what product they're buying.  It's important that all of your packaging reflect the appropriate use of your trademark.  AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can connect you with trusted producers of retail displays, packaging and wholesale shipping containers and we'll make sure your trademarks are leveraged correctly.

Consumer Notices and Protections:  Let us handle the "fine print."  Whether your invention and business are highly regulated and must conform to international standards or you need a warning label to keep your customers safe, AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - is here for you.  From "Don't Eat This" to "Conforms to Regulation #1234.5 Section 89,10" (or whichever one applies to you)  we can help you navigate the often complex world of regulatory requirements and safety messaging.

Your team is running a killer operation and it's a well-oiled machine.  AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help employ strategies as you grow the scale of your operations, meet new buyers or sellers and reach more customers.


Build a Franchise: Are you ready to open a third location?  Is someone else ready to open it for you?

Secure Licensing Rights: Your customers are happy with your product and there are probably lots of other brands they love too.  To add your favorite sports team or the logo of your alma mater to your product, you'll need a licensing deal.  AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - has negotiated with some of the biggest brands around.

License Your Trademarks:  Maybe your brand is the next big thing already?  Manufacturers of other products may pay for the privilege of using your trademark on their merchandise.  You may also want to explore engaging others to grow your product line.  Let AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - help you do just that by licensing your trademarks and other intellectual property.

You've worked hard on your business and we've worked hard to protect it.  Now it's time for you to reap the benefits!  AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help identify new streams of revenue and strategies that will grow your business.  Of course, in the event that there's a copycat out there, we can also unleash the hounds of our litigation arm to stop infringers and protect your IP.

Leverage and Protect Intellectual Property
  ● Secure or Offer Licensing Deals
  ● Build a Franchise
Infringement Litigation

Daily Operations

 ● Expand Distribution

 ● Connect with Retailers and Wholesalers

 ● Consumer Notices and Protections

Manufacturing Agreements: AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - has worked with a number of clients to draft manufacturing agreements, to advance production capabilities within the United States and to secure importing arrangements for foreign production.

Manufacture Products

 ● Foreign and Domestic

 ● Employing Trademarks on Packaging 

 ● Quality Control Measures


So you're ready to hit the ground running and produce your product today?  Great!  Whether you'll be producing your product in-house or you plan to grow your manufacturing to a world-wide scale, AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help you as you bring your products to life. There are a lot of details that go into creating, shipping and retailing your product.  Let us guide you from the assembly line to the check-out counter.



PHASE THREE:  Sell your intellectual property or business. Live the dream you've worked so hard for!  Business is booming. You're opening another location or selling on infomercials. Every store wants your product and royalties are pouring in. Your play is headed to Broadway. You're ready to "Live It."  Whether you want to own and operate, start a franchise or license to someone else, AGT Law, P.A. - The VIP Law Firm - can help you "live it up."

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